The Initiative Neuer Zirkus (INZ) was founded in 2011 by a group of 10 circus practitioners in Cologne. At the moment it works on private funding and voluntary commitments by its members.
 This initiative gathers artists, companies, and institutions wishing to represent contemporary circus in Germany. The INZ is mainly coordinated Cologne and Berlin. The objective is to work towards the recognition of this genre as an art form. INZ aims to create a network for artists in Germany, stimulate exchange between members, encourage artistic training and create a platform in order to facilitate a dialogue between artists and cultural representatives. Objectives 
• The recognition of contemporary circus as an art form on a cultural politics level 
• Giving the genre a voice, being a contact institution for politicians, researchers and the media
 • Being a network for artists create festivals for contemporary circus in germany 
• Create round-table discussions 
• Develop a strategy for the creation of circus structures in the German artistic scenery, living up to recent circus developments and which will lead to the foundation of a higher education circus course