About us

The  Initiative Neuer Zirkus e.V. (Initiative for new circus) is a German network and information platform for all professionals in the field of contemporary circus. As well as contact from the sector for the politics, media and for research matters.

Since 2011 we connect and collect information regarding the scene and publish them open for all to access on our website and facebook page as well as through regular newsletters

We work for the visibility of contemporary circus as part of the performing arts and publish amongst others a circus mapping and calendar on our website. We represent contemporary circus in umbrella associations for the arts and organize network meetings as well as workshops and research-projects with partners.

With the help of the ‚manifesto for contemporary circus in Germany‘ we wish to emphasize the need for a change in the arts sector, requesting equal access to a.o. funding, venues and artistic infrastructure.

Furthermore we coordinate several so called ‚Städtepole‚ (regional division) overall Germany to help develop the contemporary circus scene on a local level.

In the formats of our ‚Round Tables‘ we connect locals to meet up and exchange experience and share resources on changing topics.

The ‚Städtepole‚ are organized in the following cities (as of Sepetember 2018) by the coordinators:

Berlin | Cox Ahlers, Marina Rieger
Hamburg | Andrée Wenzel
Köln | Tim Behren, Jenny Patschovsky, Christoph Rummel   
Leipzig | Lotte Müller
München | Valerie Marsac
Ruhrgebiet | Klaus Borkens 

Darmstadt | Anne Holdik, Mitja Averhoff

For more information about the regional activities please contact us via mail@initiative-neuerzirkus.de

For international contacts please contact: int@initiative-neuerzirkus.de