2 solos und ein duo

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Date(s) - 15/09/2017 - 17/09/2017
20:00 - 22:00

theaterforum kreuzberg

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3 unique creations presented at TheaterForum Kreuzberg

Friday 15.9; 20h: home / entropía
Saturday 16.9, 20h and Sunday 17.9, 20h: memini / home / entropía

„memini“ by Emmanouela Dolianiti & Yuya Fujinami
music: Stefano Ciardi
foto/video: Clarissa Lapolla

The Latin word “memini” means to hold in remembrance, recall, keep in mind. Combining personal stories and pictures from brotherhood games, sicknesses, travels and egoistic, aggressive behaviors, we transformed into dance our experiences and feelings as a way of sharing the treasure that is called memories.

„home“ by Cristiana Casadio

the need of having a „home“, a place to come back, is a variable feeling, that is sometimes stronger, sometimes sweeter, sometimes bitterer … „home“ is a place, concrete and metaphoric at the same time; it’s about inhabiting ourselves and the world. it can be an inner nostalgic place, but also the base from whom to leave towards the unknown. „home“ can represent bond, belonging, refuge, openness, but also, lair, hiding place, retreat, hibernation, closure … „home“ is a sort of topography of our soul. it’s the case for dreams and thoughts, but also for fears and insecurity. it’s the desire of going out of the shell, but fearing the lack of protection. it’s the wealth of memories and experiences that we bring inside ourselves, wherever we go … like a snail with its shell.

„entropía“ by Stefan Sing

99 balls are juggling the juggler
the balls are growing inside his head – how many fit inside?
stars are colliding, quantums are fluctuating and after the big-bang there comes the big crunch … it doesn’t matter … now … just
now the light is shining the stage is black, my skin is sweaty, the balls are laying on the floor and someone in the audience is coughing.
„entropía“ is a virtuoso, minimal, meditative, ecstatic, metaphorical juggling solo, performed by a very good juggler.

Admission: 12 € / 8 € reduced

Tickets and reservations at http://www.tfk-berlin.de/