INZ Residenz in den ehrenfeldstudios Köln: Ana Jordao & Vincent Kollar

Einwöchige Residenz, angeboten durch das INZ Netzwerk in Kooperation mit den ehrenfeldstudios Köln
10.-16. Oktober 2016

Part One – Ana Jordao – „the ground as a crown“
Early stage of a research in dance-acrobatics, exploring the weight of the head as the origin of movement. Emphasis on incorporating the figure of the ‚head balance‘ as a point of suspension/transition between movements, and mapping out dynamic ways to enter and exit this balance. Inverting posture and „wearing the ground as a crown“!

Part Two – Ana Jordao & Vincent Kollar – partnering laboratory
With the creation of a duo in mind, this laboratory is an exchange of our approaches to the hybridisation of circus and dance – exploring quality, expression and energy-efficiency in acrobatics and in partnering technique.